Planning Kolar Trip

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We were divided into 2 groups.

One group workded on the mobile lab kit. And the other group worked on the trip to go to Kolar. Although all of us eventually suggested things to do while we were in Kolar. We planned on doing a small workshop with the children who we would meet in Kolar.

We could have a theatre workshop, as we would be staying with a theatre group from Kolar-AADIMA.

We also decided to map out our travel, and where we would collect the samples of water, using GPS devices, and create a map which would display the location, elevation, and the type of water collected on-site.

We would also write down certain questions that we would want to ask the locals in Kolar, in kannada, to acquire more information.

We also decided to make a small film, on our visit to Kolar, as a final piece of all our research work.