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Traveler, reader, explorer, dreamer, filmmaker

I believe in seeing, exploring, questioning, thinking and trying to understand our surroundings with eyes wide open, a critical thinking and a curious mind. There are many ways and possibilities to encounter with the social and intimate spaces and situations we find ourselves in every day and my passion is to find, create and explore this possibilities. When I go out alone with my camera and record every day life scenarios and situations in flee markets, fairs, parks, building constructions, public pools, etc I find myself driven by the magical moments one can capture and with which one can create new narratives in the editing room.


Growing up in a chaotic, conflictive, diverse and fascinating city like Bogotá, Colombia contributed to my eagerness to question and reflect on the dynamics of big and it contrast with small communities. I had the privilege spend time in small towns of the Colombian countryside throughout my life. Since I was a child a special interest for the very different way of living a family grew in me and then flourished as I learn how to write, film and edit movies. This a very personal work that explores the importance of traditional crafts in big and small communities: Hand made documentary.