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This is only a very short introduction to get you started...


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Examples of labs

Lab tools equipment

Recipies / Protocols


Join and search on the following maillists

  • Hackteria Kitchenlist


Other links on how to start a DIWO BioHackArt lab

From the Waag Do-It-Together biolab check their File:Waag wishlist.pdf

Using eBay to set up a molecular biology lab: costs less than $1000!

exerpts from the DIYbio maillist assembled on openWetWare

Instructable how to set up a home chemistry lab

makezine, setting up a home science lab part 1 part 2, part 3

From IndieBiotech aka Cathal Garvey not much on it, but a start.

more of Cathal's protocolls on github

Good Microbiological Practice

Next level shit... how to get BSL1