Hurdi Gurdi Grade

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Hurdi Gurdi Grade

HLab14 HurdiGurdiGrade.jpg

Live installation comprising microscope, sensors, LCD Screens, micro controllers, DC Motor, tray and Hurdi Gurdi

By: Yashas Shetty, Wukir Suryadi, Lintang Praditya, Gisela Swaragita, Shreyasi Kar, Julian Abraham aka Togar

Description: It is a bioacoustic instrument that looks the interface between non-humans and human cultural artifacts. This work is a continuation of the akustikologi project. Akustikologi itself is a platform for artists, designer, hackers, makers, musicians, and scientists to work on acoustic technology and related issues. The exploration of sonic possibilities has always been an integral part of hackteria and hackterialab, and akustikologi is a continuation of that tradition.

Future plans: We hope that the [Akustikologi] network will extend with more collaborators and partners.

Keywords: Bio Acoustic, tardigrade, akustikologi, collaboration, interface