EPES Seminar 2

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Chandni Venkataraman

Presentation Slides

Reflections on the workshop

Some of the points articulated during the presentation based on the Workshop.



- Shaan was a good example of an iterative attitude - as he wanted to make two bugs - Children want to make together - Most often we are lead to believe that something things lead to distractions…but they actually do not. They are part of the process


- Some chose to add switches ( reference- Constructionism- building the knowledge up ) - Some chose to decorate it further - Some played with the mechanics, battery position - Some played only with changing positions of sketch pens

- Learning from watching: watching Vikram solder. Getting inspired from others - Information sharing- Manu was most curious about everything. Shared information about various things. 
 - Children hesitate with things they don’t know about. They need to watch and learn the know hows

Science Teacher


1.Padmini said that she is a data collector. 2.Teachers too need an opportunity to make and be creative. 3. Mekri was trying to tell padmini the right way

Art Teacher


In contrast, Archana was more interested in the aesthetics of the instruments than the function of it


At the end of the day I was extremely tired and it was just the facilitation of one child per person. It was hard to even observe what more than one child was up to. I can only imagine how hard it is for a teacher with 30 students to get into this kind of maker space and know what everyone is into. 

Take aways

This can happen in only small groups. We see that children need facilitation with respect to things they are totally unfamiliar with.