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Friday, March 25, 20:00 CET
Compost: Humus Sapiens
Panel and Discussion
Exhibtion by Hackteria Collective, Corinna Matter special Guest
HumusSapiens ©MayaMinder 68A0908.jpg
with Malte Larsen, Maya Minder, Linda Mary Montano, Andreas Siagian, Adam Zaretsky

Hybrid event, In English. Organized by Maya Minder & Ronald Kolb. Composting Knowledge or creating an open bin of actors and creatives that contemplate directly on the garden movement subject of compost, tinkery from an art and science approach involving DIYbio.We would like to thank Rampe21 and grassrooted for providing us with the most delicous vetegables for Lisa Jankovics' cooking.

( initiated a panel discussion on the subject of composting. Artists, scientists, hackers from various projects previously in collaboration with Hackteria were invited to participate; Andreas Siagian (Yogyakarta, ID), Humus Sapiens (Munich, DE) Biopunk Kitchen (Berlin, DE) and pioneer bio artist Adam Zaretsky (US) will show videos related to soil and compost followed by on site activities during the day on creating composts inside the exhibition space made with various ingredients so far secret…
As Humus Sapiens says, not only planting trees but producing nutritious healthy humus, as effective methods to reaching a post- Anthropocene age. But how do we actually create healthy humus in a toxic world from scratch? The discussion various from worm composts, bokashi, aired compost systems, till the cynical concept of green burials, using compost as eco-safe machines that accelerates human decomposition in earthen burials.

Adam Zaretsky

VASTAL – Ecology and Ecoart: Seed Bombing Lab, Waag Society

Andreas Siagian

Amateuristic by Andreas Siagian

Linda Mary Montano

Living Art Diying Art video and Performance Art by Linda Mary Montano

Invited artists from the Hackteria network:

Andreas Siagian is artist/engineer working on a wide range of practice mostly in DIY electronics and interdisciplinary art. His practice began in 2004, when he decided to teach himself how to develop software for highway geometric design calculation and planning in civil engineering. Besides his skills as civil engineer he became an artist that is active in organizing and performing in experimental sound and music events. In 2008, he started to make installations, developing workshops, and participating in art and science events.

Adam Zaretsky is a Wet-Lab Art Practitioner mixing Ecology, Biotechnology, Non-human Relations, Body Performance and Gastronomy. Zaretsky stages lively, hands-on bioart production labs based on topics such as: foreign species invasion (pure/impure), radical food science (edible/inedible), jazz bioinformatics (code/flesh), tissue culture (undead/semi-alive), transgenic design issues (traits/desires), interactive ethology (person/machine/non-human) and physiology (performance/stress). A former researcher at the MIT department of biology, Adam runs a public life arts school: VASTAL (The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics Ltd.). His art practice focuses on an array of legal, ethical, social and libidinal implications of biotechnological materials and methods with a focus on transgenic humans.

Malte Larson studied „International Forest Ecosystem Management“ at the University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde and is specialised in mushroom cultivation and soil science. In several university research projects regarding pathogenic and edible mushroom cultivation he was able to obtain professional scientific workflows and a deep understanding of fungal biology and behaviour. After starting a community lab he won the “Galileo Wissenspreis” and received funding from the DBU for his research on fungal-compounds. Additionally, Malte developed a deep understanding of soil chemistry, agriculture, worm activity and humus buildup.

Maya Minder is an artist and organizer based in Zurich. Master of Fine Arts (ZHdK) and formally studied art history at University of Zurich, she lived in Korea, Serbia and Indonesia, currently as artist she moves between Switzerland and France. As an active member of International Hackteria Society she has a network of artists, curators and journalists working within the intersection of art and science. Agitating for many years around the maker, fablab and third-space movement that empowers community by using lowtech, DIY and grassroot approaches, she recently founded of a community science lab welcoming tinkering and making with biology and living matter (vivant) at Bitwäschrei, ZWZ, Zurich.