Transhackfeminist INstall Party

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Install Party THF-F2F (TransHackFeminist - face to face)

The "Install Parties" are instances of social meeting where the aim is to carry out installations of free operating systems and at the same time build and strengthen networks and communities. The idea is to use this same term, and activity, to generate a social face to face meeting of installation of concepts applied to contexts of radical politics of gender.



Gender Privileges


Open Relations




How TO:

1.- Select ONE or MORE subjects to install or uninstall.

2.- Search for Pechblenda-Klau at dinner, supper or OFF working moments to install or uninstall.

3.- Process time can be: short,have to be in several steps, interrupted or aborted (everything depends on the envirmonent and the fluidity of the net and humanware.

4.- Share your reflexions with others, no matter what kind of process you experienced