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Bitw WetLab.jpg

"A laboratory, a social learning space, a place of work and research, a transdisciplinary meeting point for designers, hackers, artist, foodies and fermentation activitists."

"If you can't build your lab, you don't own the lab" - anonymous

"Making a Laboratory is both a spontaneous activity and a slow labor of love." - Sachiko Hirosue

"A Lab is a place to labor (not only of love), experiment, research and share - there is no labor, experiment, research or sharing without the people. A Lab is not a museum for journalists, but a place made by a person for other people. Start a small Lab , put it in a box, suitcase, backpack, picnic basket and take it with you. A Mobile Lab it actually allows you to go to people, and not wait for the others to come." - from Lab Making - How to start a BioLab

More info on Hackteria Website!

Open Science Lab Users

in progress... see notes here

Visit in 3d!!

Infrastructures available

  • Microscope

Good old times...