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Hackteria is a collection of DIY Biology, Open Source BioArt Projects


The Bacterial Net- Microbial Telecommunications.

Quorum sensing is a type of decision-making process used by decentralized groups to coordinate behavior. Many species of bacteria use quorum sensing to coordinate their gene expression according to the local density of their population.The Bacterial Net attempts to transfer this decision making process over the Internet. Using Microcontollers and sensors to detect bacterial population and a public web service http://www.pachube.com that helps transfer sensor information. The Bacterial Net is an exploration in bringing the Internet into the Natural Ecosystem.



BioBricks [1]


Papers,Conferences and Journals


Synthetic Biology 3 Zurich[3]

Artists and Designers working with Biology, Bio-technology and Bio-Ethics


Critical Arts Ensemble

Dunne and Raby

Joe Davis


Beatriz D' Costa

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Natalie Jermejenko

Andy Gracie

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr

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Scientific Institutions/ Scientists that support BioArts and Artists

The National Center for Biological Sciences Bangalore India

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