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== Ideas ==
== Ideas ==
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=== Coconut PCR :-) ===
=== Coconut PCR :-) ===
=== Coffe Machine PCR :-) ===
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personal PCR on an arduino shield (only 2 tubes) by [http://cofactorbio.com/personalpcr cofactorbio] [http://templemanautomation.com/personalpcr/ personalPCR]
personal PCR on an arduino shield (only 2 tubes) by [http://cofactorbio.com/personalpcr cofactorbio] [http://templemanautomation.com/personalpcr/ personalPCR]
=== OpenPCR in the wild ===
Attempt to build an OpenPCR just from the desctription on the website [http://openpcr.org/downloads/ OpenPCR] without a kit or any supplied parts.<br>
First and easy thing is to go up to a FabLab and laser cut the wood parts for the housing. Need to get the files from the website and have the most recent version of SolidWorks to extract the drawings...<br>
Here we go;<br>
Got some additional information from Josh from OpenPCR: The downloadable files are the more recent versions of our design.<br>
The OpenPCR BOM can be found here: <br>
https://docs.google.com/a/snowrise.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiaWH3PL_9CndG1GbmtSZ1I3aGdkQkE4YVhwZ3o5c1E#gid=0 <br>
Good to know.<br>
What else do we need?<br>
- The PC-Cooler with 90° heat pipe is easy to get for around 20 euro.<br>
- The nice and small power supply that fits into the housing is not so easy. It is a "Flex 1u PC Power Supply 200 W ATX. Bigger (standard size is more easy and should do, just won't fit into the housing<br>
- Arduino ok, SMD driver board with AD converter, connectors, feasible. Will try to simplify the layout to make it single-side DIY. What are the big resistors for? Some kind of heating? Have to figure out.<br>
- LCD Display - standard, anything goes, 4 Lines are nice.<br>

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Coconut PCR :-)

Coffe Machine PCR :-)


DIY thermocycler

some discussion about the light bulb and fan thermocycler in DIYbio maillits.

referring to an indian research group

and remade during the FutureLabCamp2011 [here] by Russell Durrett, see his blog on PCR

cathal harvey showed me the hot airgun version with relay, no posts found yet on indie biotech

open hardware thermocycler

The classic OpenPCR kit to order, assemble and hack by openPCR.com

personal PCR on an arduino shield (only 2 tubes) by cofactorbio personalPCR