HLab14 - T-shirts

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HLab14 - T-shirts

General design, whatever participants ideas, instructions, project schematics on front and the same minimal logo on the back.

FishHacking t shirt with back 2014.png

see current designs of [[HLab14 - T-shirts]

other front-sides

FishHacking t shirt 2014.png NanoDrop t shirt 2014.png Cheese Bahasa t shirt 2014.png NanoDrop2 t shirt 2014.png JRP drown.png AyamKampung t shirt Front 2014.png Nyamuk Front t shirt 2014.png Ecologies Urs t shirt 2014.png Cheese t shirt 2014.png

Special limited edition of TOURDIGRADE t-shirt

TOURDIGRADE t shirt with back 2014.png


Hackteria t shirt with back brown.png


GaudiLabs t shirt with back.png

Pigeon t shirt with back 2014.png

Celurut t shirt with back 2014.png