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(What is Ecogen and why YOU need to register)
(What is Ecogen and why YOU need to register)
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== What is Ecogen and why YOU need to register ==
== What is Ecogen and why YOU need to register ==

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This is a site which leads you threw the process of official registration of your DIYbio-Lab or DIY Community-Lab in Switzerland threw the Ecogen Client Portal provided by the Swiss Government and to make sure we all follow the Nagoya Protokol - International Convention on Biological Diversity.

What is Ecogen and why YOU need to register


Ecogen is a client portal (www.ecogen.admin.ch) which allows DIYbio-Labs as well as all other companies, schools and universities to register their practice of gene editing according to legal laws and finally get legalized. So it is quite useful if you hack the planet to be sure, you know what you do and inform the officials about it pre-advance. To register your own DIYbio Lab it is a process similar to register a restaurant kitchen, less complicated then it seems. (keep your protocol, safe workemployees and stick to your security lists!) The Law is applyied throughout Switzerland, but each Province (Kanton) is separately in charge to observe what is happening locally. To write this manual we were working closely with the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN together and further workshops and information days will follow.

Official Site


Containment Ordinance (CO) and Occupational Safty in Biotechnology (OOSBB)

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-28 um 13.00.24.png This means, please read the laws troughoutly:


Examples https://www.hackteria.org/wiki/File:FinalDocument_P1labnotifupdate.pdf