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Instructions on how to apply for BSL1 in Switzerlad

The main info from BAFU can be found here:

How to apply for a "Global Notification"

DIY-BSL1 Manual Ecogen

E Notifications.jpg

Discuss on the Hackteria Forum

Coming soon...

How to set up a Communtity (DIY) BioLab

We wrote a lof of stuff on Bio Lab Infrastructure AND PEOPLE!!

  • Lab Making | The Book: HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta, by Urs Gaudenz, Sachiko Hirosue

Instructions on lab-making. Now also on Medium, revised edition.

"Making a Laboratory is both a spontaneous activity and a slow labor of love."

Planning a public Workshop on BSL1 and CommunityBioLabs




RandeLab, CH

Hackuarium, CH

GaudiLabs, CH

Baggenstos/Rudolf BioArt-Studio

TOP ev biolab, DE

Counter Culture Labs, US

BioClub Tokyo, JP



Meeting in June

Finalizing the contract with Claudia

BS Courses

We got 2 free slots for the event in September. Registered Urs and dusjagr (for free)

Playing it through during RandeLab Easter(H)egg 2019

"Wie ist das nochmals mit dem BSL1 in der Schweiz?"

More info on our overview on how to register a BSL1 Lab in Switzerland are on DIY-BSL1. And starting to document RandeLab and the relevant RandeLab-GMP.

Meeting March

Diskussionen im Atelier Baggenstos/Rudolf.

  • "Umgang" heist eben vieles oder alles
  • Plasmid sind schon GMO, obwohl eigentlich noch nirgend drin sind
  • eine Anmeldung

First Notes

Thinking about an easy way for a swiss hobby biologist with interests in working with level 1 microbes and their GM cousins.

where to start, how to register, and why.

It's kinda all about that "ESV":

Globalanmeldiung Klasse1.png

Find all other registered labs in Switzerland

Ecogen list all.png

What about Aliens?


From the "Einstufung nach Organismen"

Experiences from Hackuarium

See their planning the P1 wiki and how they document the ongoing activities

And check their Globalanmeldung: File:FinalDocument_P1labnotifupdate.pdf

what about Tempeh or Koji?

Rhizopus Tempeh Starter

Tempeh Rhizopus oryzae.png

Tempeh Rhizopus microsporus.png

Aspergillus Koji Starter

See more info on Koji and Miso

Koji aspergillus orzyae.png

The List and how to read it

List organisms abkurzungen.png

A kinda complete list is here.

List organisms.png


Yeasts BafuList.png


CRISPR kits und anderes