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Art sci lab.jpg

How to start a DIWO art-sci bio lab?

If you can't build your lab, you don't own the lab

See a version from Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr, Workshopologist and from Urs Gaudenz, Dipl. Ing. Mikrotechnik

See an old version of the slides

People not Infrastructure

  • Lab Making | The Book: HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta, by Urs Gaudenz, Sachiko Hirosue

Instructions on lab-making

"Making a Laboratory is both a spontaneous activity and a slow labor of love."

A Lab is a place to labor (not only of love), experiment, research and share - there is no labor, experiment, research or sharing without the people. A Lab is not a museum for journalists, but a place made by a person for other people Start a small Lab , put it in a box, suitcase, backpack, picnic basket and take it with you. A Mobile Lab it actually allows you to go to people, and not wait for the others to come.

Now also on Medium, revised edition.


  • Lab Infrastructure / Equipment

Experiences from setting up the BioTehna Lab Infrastructure. People not equipment. 20% Science 80% Rock'n'Roll.

Materials list for electronic prototyping from ali-express: here

Thoughts about Infrastructural Hospitality

People putting boxes to make people feel comfortable... like someone running a restaurant, make sure your people are well fed and feel comfortable.

Biosafety and other good practices

We have collected a lot of information about DIY-BSL1 and specificially looked at the regulations in Switzerland and how to use the DIY-BSL1 Manual Ecogen to register you lab for level 1 experiments using genetically modified microbes. Also specifically for RandeLab-GMP we have played through some of the concepts of "Gemütliche Mikrobiologische Praxis".


BioLab Equipment

image # what notes
BT hotplate.jpg 1 small hotplate
BT mixer.jpg 1 Mixer
BT balance.jpg 1 small balance 0.02g - 1000g
BT hotdog machine.jpg 1 HotDog machine it's like a small cooker/pot
BT grinder.jpg 1 Coffee grinder thanks bordul :-)
BT DIY micrscope.jpg 1 DIY microscope PS3eye made by tamberg, used by many
BT DIY micrscopy-kit.jpg 2 DIY Microscopy kits made by gaudi, Laser-cut microscopy stages
BT DIY spectroscope.jpg 1 DIY Spectroscope PS3eye made by Bengt, check public laboratory
BT mycelium scanner.jpg 1 scanner with embeddedincubator made by bostjan et al at NanoSmano 3

BioLab stuff

image # what notes
BT glassware.jpg 4 x Erlenmayer 0 x beakers 1 x 100ml graded cylinder
BT micropipette.jpg 1 check online free samples or chinese stuff
BT pots.jpg 2 small cooking pots we need a steampot for sterilization!
BT plasticware.jpg var. kitchen plastic ware many tupperware
BT DIY UV-drawer.jpg 1 x UV light bulp (black light) 1 x 254nm / 366nm tube 4 x UV-LED's
BT DIY gel electro.jpg 1 DIY gel-box var. Food colours 1 pack of Agar Agar we need more agar!

General Technical Equipment

image # what notes
BT soldering irons.jpg 6 Soldering Irons some of them with swiss plug...
BT lamps.jpg 3 Table lamps maybe get 3 more?
BT Power Supply.jpg 1 Power Supply 15V, 2A maybe get a stronger one, up to 80V
BT dremel.jpg 1 Cordless Dremel and toolsl belongs to dusjagr
BT labelling.jpg 1 Dymo LetraTag we need green ammo, from kniigica next to nama

Shared Tools for Hacking Mobile drawers

RAKO boxes labelled with Hackteria / Kapelica
image Stuff thing 1 thing 2 thing 3 thing 4 thing 5
BT Tools pliers.jpg 3 Table lamps maybe get 3 more?
BT Eksperiment.jpg 5 x breadboards 2 x multimeters crocodile cables Jumper wires
BT glues.jpg 2 x large glue gun (+ammo) 1 x small glue gun (+ammo) 1 x epoxy rubber bands cable binders get more small glue guns and loads of ammo
BT energija batteries.jpg 9V blocks 30 AA Batteries 20 AAA Batteries various power supplies 5 - 15V
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4 x X-Mini active speakers 4-5 x random speakers some cables
BT helping hands.jpg 5 x Helping hands 2 x Unsoldering tools what else?

Electronics and Parts

RAKO boxes labelled with Hackteria / Kapelica
image Class Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
BT Electronics1 parts.jpg Chips 10 attiny 85 20 4093 various
BT uinos.jpg 4 x arduinos Table lamps get 10 large USB cables, and more arduinos
BT chips.jpg Chips 10 attiny 85 20 4093 various
BT mignon gamekit.jpg 2x Mignon Gamekit 3 x Programmers see info on [1]


RAKO boxes labelled with Hackteria / Kapelica
image content content content Content notes
Box soldering.jpg 5 x Soldering Irons 1 x Solder wire 5 x sponges anything else?
Box electric.jpg 2 x Table lamps 2 x Power Plugs 3 x 220V Timers 3 x remote control 220V Timers
Box BioCyberKidzz.jpg 1 loads of fun stuff see BioCyberKidzz


Lab Gear

- trash bin for separating garbage
- incubator
- fridge with freezer
- additional shelves
- couple of shelves
- centrifuge
- OD meter


Where to get stuff (in Ljubljana)



Slovenian distributors of lab chemicals, including enzymes and stuff

Everything you ever wanted to know about agar




Electronics (supposedly too expensive) order gadgets and electronics from china/HK

A/V equipment

Helpful local institutions, companies and other people we have had pleasant interactions with in the past

Other links on how to start a DIWO BioHackArt lab

From the Waag Do-It-Together biolab check their File:Waag wishlist.pdf

Using eBay to set up a molecular biology lab: costs less than $1000!

exerpts from the DIYbio maillist assembled on openWetWare

Instructable how to set up a home chemistry lab

makezine, setting up a home science lab part 1 part 2, part 3

From IndieBiotech aka Cathal Garvey not much on it, but a start.

more of Cathal's protocolls on github

Good Microbiological Practice

Next level shit... how to get BSL1