Week Three

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>=== May 30th ===

We extracted DNA from human saliva and banana in our semi-functional, backyard science lab!

It was sort of like a pre-introduction to science which we did ourselves!

1) Extracting DNA from Banana: <<Read here

2) Exracting DNA from Saliva:

Images of our DNA we extracted from saliva:

<gallery> File:NehasDNA.JPG|Neha's DNA File:KrupakarsDNA.JPG|Krupakar's DNA File:DhruvsDNA.JPG|Dhruv's DNA File:SandeepsDNA.JPG|Sandeep's DNA </gallery>

  • All DNA pictures have been uploaded. Take your pick here

May 31st

Some interesting articles:

The Promise and Perils of Synthetic Biology:


Molecular Synthetic Biology:


The photosensitive stripes are made of bacteria:


June 3rd

The Registry of Parts Exercise

To research a feasible idea among the various ideas that came up during the brainstorming session and present a dummy procedure on how to achieve the result on the basis of the scientific knowledge acquired in the two and a half weeks into iGEM.

Sanya: Bacteria that indicates rise in and regulates body temperature.Media:Light.jpg

Upasana: Temperature regulating bacteria

All That Glitters: Neha's Bacterial Jewelery

June 5th

Beginning laboratory procedures: Introducing ourselves to understand working in a professional laboratory.

1) Bacterial Transformation : The Process | The Bacterial Transformation Gallery

2) Preparing the Plasmid (miniprep)

3) Digesting the DNA

4) Running the gel (Gel Electrophoresis)

5) Elution