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About Me

You can find my works here - Undrawn

Full Name - Vikram Kumar Ranu

Email -

Mob - 9632470514



Andamans with ANET

Kindly correct my spellings


Map andamans .jpg


Inter tidal walk, forest walk, ANET location, Mangrove walk

Documentation 1st Draft

IMG 2214.JPG


Day 1 Jan 10

IMG 1882.jpg IMG 1839.jpg IMG 1840.jpg IMG 1842.jpg

Exploring ANET with maps, clues and questions (Letter Box)

VikIMG 1763.jpg
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Beatle nut

Oceans and tides were high

People and team working over there, the first interaction

Settling in

Cutting of lock with the ax saw

IMG 3390.JPG

Drawing first iPad drawing sitting in balcony.

Shifting to next hut.

IMG 3384.JPG IMG 3385.JPG IMG 3386.JPG

IMG 3387.JPG IMG 3388.JPG

Night out at the beach with Vivek and drawing 7 iPad drawings of trees.

Day 2 Jan 11

IMG 1782.JPG IMG 1812.JPG

IMG 1788.jpg IMG 1790.jpg IMG 1796.jpg IMG 1802.jpg

IMG 1804.jpg IMG 1805.jpg IMG 1811.jpg IMG 1816.JPG

IMG 1817.jpg IMG 1818.jpg IMG 1819.jpg IMG 1822.jpg

4:30 AM - Intertidal walk

Few picture and video documentation

the big white tree Padauk

Walk on the sands and then on the oceans cause the tides were high




Drawing Yashash

Sand art helped connecting with massArts students

Break fast - eggs and poha.

Caustics and tree shadows on the oceans.

getting to know few of them. interacting with mass arts faculties, artist and biologist.

Sensing with conscious

DIY 101 learned about LED

Fun rotation DIY uv led light toy, that i can relate to Jelly fish

Day 3 Jan 12

IMG 1843.JPG IMG 1847.JPG IMG 1875.JPG

IMG 1845.jpg IMG 1846.jpg IMG 1855.jpg IMG 1856.jpg

IMG 1857.jpg IMG 1863.jpg IMG 1865.jpg IMG 1873.jpg

8 AM - Mangrove walk

Headed by Savita and Katya

Fidler crabs

Hermit crab


Mud Scikppers

Dog-headed snake

H2S hydrogen Sulphide


Picture and Video documentation

SeaKrate walk,Pit Viper, spotted 2 torch light night time with video documentation. dogs following us behind

Walk with Yashas and Mark From Anet to near by Anugama to Anet - interaction

Play with insect catcher tool, joy of counting 28 small insects and 1 spider

Day 4 Jan 13

Helping (very little) for Jackson’s oven

Beach and swimming and interaction with mass arts students about their culture and college lifestyles and telling my shy- indian story.

Scuba diving training

breathing in and out, removing water in the glasses while inside the water.

Lunch with mass arts at a resort

Jetty - Fish landing, Lobsters , fishes - video documentation.

Bengali Fisher men

Walk from Anugame to Anet

Baracuda fish cooked for dinner

IMG 3389.JPG

Interacting with mass arts standouts art works

Exploring tree house and Yashas’s Art and Science lab.

Light beep understanding chip design, integrated circuit, resistors and Capacitors. Help from Mark

Day 5 Jan 14

Scuba Diving

Vikramranu gopro image scuba diving.JPG GOPR2895.JPG

Rain and storm

GoPro video documentation

Mangrove walk

Play with seed as javelin

Fidler crab think like an artist

Sound documentation for rain that falls on the tall trees

Presentation by Scuba instruction about coral reef we experienced

Make an insect catcher tool with a bottle and 2 pipes

Reflection with Mass arts students and interaction via different kind of performance oriented games. Sharing our best experience.

Interacting with teaches and understanding them empathy. Listen more the talk.

Using Saul’s microscope

Saul explaining about the colour sensing tool - spectrometer. black and white standard UV and UR.

colour of a gecko

Working with webcam camera and its lens and clicking pictures

Reading by Padmini on Goethe

Day 6 Jan 15

Heavy Rain

Drawing insects

Drawing people

Dry Snake bite on my left foot - may be a baby Keel-back

Watching them with microscope

Working on a stable microscope.

Lerning soldering

2nd Presentation by Scuba instruction, inspired by one photograph of Katya

Milkha’s movie screening on his Masters movies

Fun performance based interaction , the laugh and belly , and circle inside of a circle.

h2 - massarts. S Srishti together we are H2S in the mangroves and ANET as the Catalyst

Day 7 Jan 16


Mangrove walk , mud hole water PH value, slight rain water neutralised it

Walk on tidal with teacher, understanding with empathy, listening more, less talking. taking videos of them.

Working on finishing the Led rotating toy with a glove attached made of duck tape

Exhibition of our DIY

Surprise by ANEt - Video presention on Anet and our funny documentation


Day 8 Jan 17

Certificate Scuba diving


Flight from Port Blair to Chennai

IMG 3383.JPG

Train from Chennai to Bangalore 8 hrs

10 PM reached bangalore

Day 9 Jan 18

Gud bye, Lunch at Arzu’s House, Ants , Toit, Vistah, See off

Day 10 Jan 19

First Draft Documentation

DIY list that I worked on

IMG 2220.jpg IMG 2221.jpg

learnt about basics tools

1.Led fun jelly Fish

IMG 1954.jpg IMG 1959.jpg

IMG 1960.JPG

2.Led bib bip (Learning resisters and capacitor)

Vikramranu insect catcher.jpg IMG 1951.jpg

3.Insect catcher



Day 11 Jan 20

Reading : laboratory to landscape

Lab Visits with in srishti (objective is to create a lab of our own)

chemistry lab

physic lab

biology lab

dark room

IMG 2122.JPG

cooking lab

IMG 2123.jpg IMG 2124.jpg

music drama lab

IMG 2127.jpg IMG 2128.jpg

art studio

IMG 2130.jpg IMG 2131.jpg

art-science lab

IMG 2132.JPG

How to make our own lab

IMG 2143.jpg IMG 2154.jpg IMG 2157.jpg IMG 2160.jpg

Emptying and setting our own lab

Peter Vogel - screening The sound of shadows 2011

introduction to basics of electronics

IMG 2175.jpg IMG 2178.jpg IMG 2179.jpg IMG 2181.jpg

creating abstract switches

Day 12 Jan 21

Reading - Study of Atelier Tradition and Goethean Science by Artist Daan Hoekstra

IMG 2256.JPG


Recommended reading about "Dr Faustus"

Basic of Eletronics

Resistance 1k 10k 120k


Circuit diagram basics

Varying resistance

IMG 2195.jpg IMG 2196.jpg

IMG 2190.JPG

LDR Light D Resistance

buzzer speaker - varying sound

IMG 2208.jpg IMG 2248.jpg IMG 2200.jpg

Day 13 Jan 22

Movie - "Life in Aquatic"

IMG 2255.jpg

Reading - "Yearners and Schoolers"

LOGO programming language for kids.

different ways of connecting these circuits, aligator clips, breadboards, soldering (different stayles) and more

IMG 2216.jpg IMG 2217.jpg


IMG 2226.jpg IMG 2233.jpg IMG 2236.jpg



Chips and IC's

Day 14 Jan 23

Presentation by Andrej

Andrej from Parague

The story of lights

IMG 3382.JPG IMG 3381.PNG

creative design of basic amplifier circuit.

Day 15 Jan 24

IMG 2288.jpg

Holiday, Worked on the face circuit amplifier I made and it was working . (Whole day)

drawn fish circuit amplifier

IMG 2291.jpg IMG 2294.jpg

Transmiter - touch circuit.

IMG 3378.JPG

Creative circuit design

Day 16 Jan 25 - Sunday

Holiday, Movie night

Day 17 Jan 26 - Republic Day


Reflection on Andamans trip

Opportunity to collaborate with MassArts students and make some great friends

ANET as catalyst

see biology in different perspective

working with school teacher with empathy

working in diy understanding electronics basic priciple and how simple fun engaging things can be done using this

working with Jakson, Saul, Mark and Yashash

walk alone on the roads and face tall diversity of trees

saving water and not shaving

snake bite - finally i belong there

night out camping in the beach

drawing in ipad

engaging with Mass Arts student while doing sand art and other performance oriented activity

sleeping less (getting good sleep) and running around looking for work has change me to be more responsible

the feel of falling lonely was gone for that time of my life

Interacting ANET people and their library was whole new nature kind experience

drawing in the dark

interacting with standouts that were drawing

scuba diving breathing on and off for 40 mins inside water

i collected a lot of inspiration

Reflection on lab and class

space design

learnt to organise

help on small small things helped me learn faster

i feel responsible, self independent, and not lonely

spending time in class is engaging

small group is always better.

owning a lab feel like owning a workspace, i feel like storing all my tools there cause i cant work in my house.

education - scientist perspective and balance

Mark and Yashas as a source of ideas and information

Day 18 Jan 27

IMG 2330.jpg IMG 2332.jpg IMG 2333.jpg

Work in collaboration on making 1st draft simple book story based for kids to understand.

Day 19 Jan 28

Work in collaboration part 2

IMG 2334.jpg

IMG 2341.jpg

Day 20 Jan 29

Discussion and Critic on working together and how individuals are different in terms of communication, diversity , style of work etc.

Reading Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew B. Crawford

Lines from the book -

1."The man who works recognizes his own product in the World that has actually been transformed by his work: he recognizes himself in it, he sees in it his own human reality, in it he discovers and reveals to others the objective reality of his humanity, of the originally abstract and purely subjective idea he has of himself."

2."The satisfactions of manifesting oneself concretely in the world through manual competence have been known to make a man quiet and easy. They seem to relieve him of the felt need to offer chattering interpretations of himself to vindicate his worth. He can simply point: the building stands, the car now runs, the lights are on. Boasting is what a boy does, who has no real effect in the world. But craftsmanship must reckon with the infallible judgment of reality, where one’s failures or shortcomings cannot be interpreted away."

3.The craftsman is proud of what he has made, and cherishes it, while the consumer discards things that are perfectly serviceable in his restless pursuit of the new. The craftsman is then more possessive, more tied to what is present, the dead incarnation of past labor; the consumer is more free, more imaginative, and so more valorous according to those who would sell us things. Being able to think materially about material goods, hence critically, gives one some independence from the manipulations of marketing, which typically divert attention from what a thing is to a back-story intimated through associations, the point of which is to exaggerate minor differences between brands.

4.It is as though in our cultural iconography we are given the muscled arm, sleeve rolled tight against biceps, but no thought bright behind the eye, no image that links hand and brain.

5.More precisely, any algorithmic solution to the crafting problem cannot itself be generated algorithmically, as it must include ad hoc constraints known only through practice, that is, through embodied manipulations.

6.The factory service manuals tell you to be systematic in eliminating variables, but they never take such factors into account. So you have to develop your own decision tree for the particular circumstances.

7.Eventually it was learned that the only way to get them to work harder was to play upon the imagination, stimulating new needs and wants.

8.“Expert systems,” a term coined by artificial intelligence researchers, were initially developed by the military for battle command, then used to replicate industrial expertise in such fields as oil-well drilling and telephone-line maintenance. Then they found their way into medical diagnosis, and eventually the cognitively murky, highly lucrative, regions of financial and legal advice.

9. It seems we must take a cold-eyed view of “knowledge work,” and reject the image of a rising sea of pure mentation that lifts all boats. More likely is a rising sea of clerkdom.

IMG 2348.JPG

Talk by Mark and Yashash - i could very well relate it with the reading.

Day 21 Jan 30

IMG 2354.jpg IMG 2358.jpg [[

We went out to get sun and collect few items from the streets and then made we made some connection out of it.

We had a yoga session. our breath and conscious were controlled and we went back through timeline to get to know our selves in Andamans to now.

We wrote and drew about it.

IMG 2356.jpg

Presentation by Padmini on Srishti and Drishi school childrens DIY works

IMG 2359.jpg IMG 2362.jpg IMG 2363.jpg



Day 22 Jan 31 - Saturday - Tutor Meeting

Working with grids for portfolio

Day 23 Feb 1 - Sunday

Day 24 Feb 2 - Monday- Official College Holiday

Day 25 Feb 3 - Tuesday

Working with Pasco

Ideas with ECG - 2 heart beats attached , musics beats relative with your heart beat.

GPS sensor

luminance sensor

Motion Sensor





Working on with bio bio 0 1 0 1 circuit in a different way of soldering

Project Schedule - EPES - 2015

Project schedule 2015.jpg

Day 26 Feb 4 - Tuesday

010101 IC cicuit + transitor to motor ( controlled by touch )

Day 27 Feb 5

Day 28 Feb 6

Day 29 Feb 7

Day 30 Feb 8

Day 31 Feb 9 - Monday

Extreme Place around Bangalore , Size Scale - Brainstorm

I got lost - no ideas

Day 32 Feb 10

IMAGINARY - Kit design ideas and prototype


Fail attempts to make a motor using a battery magnet and wire

sculpt pieces

IMG 2640.jpg IMG 2641v.jpg IMG 2642v.jpg IMG 2643v.jpg

IMG 2647v.jpg IMG 2648v.jpg IMG 2649v.jpg IMG 2650v.jpg

Day 33 Feb 11

Andy Goldworthy

IMG 2651v.jpg IMG 2653v.JPG IMG 2655v.JPG

Kit designs ideas (Very imaginary out of context)

Research on already existing DIY based on the brain map with it.

Heart - Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve!

Light - Light box for animation - Portable light table

Mylar Light Diffuser for Recessed Ceiling Light

Electic Umbrella

Projection Mapping - Projection Mapping with 3D Tracing

Playing With Ferrofluid!

Self - running Bike

Top 10 Perpetual Motion Machines for 2014

Did you know? Train Puzzle

ORIGINAL How to make an F15 Eagle Jet Fighter Paper Plane (Tadashi Mori)

Urban Maps

Day 34 Feb 12

Arvind Gupta

DIY microscope - Mark Duss

Bat Detectors

What is Audrino??

Discussion about - how to work for proposal writing

Finding own skills and group skills workshop

Day 34 Feb 12

Proposal draft 1

Day 35 Feb 13

Proposal and Seminar Discussion as a group.

Who for How and Why we ?

Day 36 Feb 14

Meeting with GN

Day 37 Feb 15 - Holiday

Day 38 Feb 16 - Monday

Signing of the legal form.

Reading through Proposal and Process Guidelines

Day 39 Feb 17

Proposal 2nd draft. Correction

Group Discussion on Presentation.

Day 40 Feb 18

Proposal submission

Discussion and making of presentation.

Workshop by Bidisha on how to fly a drone.

Day 41 Feb 19 - Presentation day

Day 42 Feb 20

Day 43 Feb 21

Day 44 Feb 22

Day 45 Feb 23 - Monday

Arduino Basic

Ref - Guide for Arduino

Basics 1 : Blinking an LED

Basics 2 : Controlling LED blink with a Potentiometer

Basics 3 : RGB LED cathode

I worked changing them

digitalWrite(RED_PIN, HIGH); digitalWrite(GREEN_PIN, HIGH); digitalWrite(BLUE_PIN, HIGH);


Basics 4 : Multiple LED lights in Pattern

digitalWrite(ledPins[0], HIGH); delay(delayTime); digitalWrite(ledPins[1], LOW); delay(delayTime); digitalWrite(ledPins[2], LOW); delay(delayTime); digitalWrite(ledPins[3], LOW); delay(delayTime);

Basics 4 : Using a Piezo Buzzer

Reflection on Presentation

Day 48 Feb 26

Submission of Project proposal after seminar feedback

Making list of what to buy from SPJ road.

Group discussion on

Day 49 Feb 27

Arranging our tools

Working on simple robot that folows line. Big Fail. But nice video shots.. "It was a cripple robot" - Mark

Things to buy -

Batter pencil

Battery holder

LM386 chip


Vibration Motors

Day 52 Mar 2 - Reading - Beyond Black Boxes: Bringing Transparency and Aesthetics Back to Scientific Investigation

Reading - Beyond Black Boxes: Bringing Transparency and Aesthetics Back to Scientific Investigation

"Origin in techniques"

"Cognitive discipline of the mind"

"Both the power and the problem with modern scientific instrumentation are reflected in the term “black box” that is commonly used to describe the equipment. Today’s blackbox instruments are highly effective in making measurements and collecting data – enabling even novices to perform advanced scientific experiments. But, at the same time, these black boxes are “opaque” (in that their inner workings are often hidden and thus poorly understood by their users) and they are bland in appearance (making it difficult for users to feel a sense of personal connection with scientific activity). "

"Beyond Black Boxes (BBB) project"

"Constructionist approach"

"Jenny never succeeded in her original plan to monitor what types of birds would be attracted to what types of bird food. But the activity of building the bird feeder provided a rich collection of learning experiences."

"Jenny (and other students working on BBB projects) certainly did not understand the inner workings of the Cricket electronics. But that was not the goal. "

"This ability to modify and extend her project led Jenny to develop a deep sense of personal involvement and ownership. "

"As the old saying goes: “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one can do anything about it.” In monitoring weather, students are just passive observers. "

Constructionism (learning theory)

Constructionist learning is inspired by the constructivist theory that individual learners construct mental models to understand the world around them. Constructivism advocates student-centred, discovery learning where students use information they previously know to acquire more knowledge.

1. The learner's learning activities should be related to a larger task. This is important because it allows students to see the connection to the activities that can be applied to many aspects of life. As a result, the learner will find the materials and activities they are doing useful.

2. The learner needs to be supported to feel that they are beginning to have ownership of the overall problem.

3. An authentic task should be designed for the learner. This means that the task and the learner's cognitive ability have to match the problems to make learning valuable.

4. Reflection on the content being learned should occur so the learner can think through the process of what he/she has learned.

5. Allow and encourage the learners to test ideas against different views in different contexts.

Shopping on SP Road

Day 53 Mar 3

2 insects kind robots I made using vibration motors, photo diods and LM386 chip

one very simple robot - success

Day 54-61 Mar 4-10

This 7 days = 5 was the making week + Holi day. So 6th to 8th was holiday

I worked on vibration robots with different variation.

Touched arduino , few more basics

Went shopping to SP road.

ATTINY85, - workshop by Mark


Mark's codes for beginers

Made an board that connects with Arduino to easy program ATTINY85 with help of Mark

Made an Attiny85 RGB LED vibration robots

Made an Attiny85 RGB LED vibration robots with switch. Code that changes with switch pushed.

Workshop on Vib Motors planning.

Day 62 Mar 11

Vikram Ranu poster workshop 1 low.jpg

Working on illustration for the poster for workshop

Coding more on ATTINY85 on RGB LED , - introduction to basic coding.

Images are going to come soon, in my next post.

Preparation and discussion on workshop

Day 63 Mar 12

cleaning of the class

Day 75 Mar 24

Presentation by

Phase 3

My role is very my defined from the practises I did over last month mostly on making and using them as a tool to engage with people and kid.

Designer role ( Maker + for people and kids to create a learning experience )

Over next weak I intend to use sensors with attiny85, learn relevant programming, and understand power supply for Attiny85 and transistor.

And using what I learn create an array of prototype which would lead to a constructions like lego.

Day 82 Mar 31

ImagebyVikramforEPES 1.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 2.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 3.jpg

ImagebyVikramforEPES 4.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 6.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 7.jpg

ImagebyVikramforEPES 8.jpg

Learning about TIP120 transistor - Objective is to Power up my sensors.

Tip120.jpg Ref image credit -

Use Arduino with TIP120 transistor to control moto

"So you have a DC motor or lamp but no matter how you connect them to your Arduino they just won't work? Guess what, the Arduino is a brain that comes with small muscles. It can control LEDs and other low power nicknacks but not those power motors or lights you need for your next project. The Arduino is good at thinking but not for heavy lifting. Lazy lad."

"The TIP120 is a very robust item. It can handle lots of power (see specs) but the Arduino can't. So we must protect the Arduino from potential party crashers. For starters, we use a 1K Ohm resistor between the Arduino pins and the TIP120 Base pin. This is insurance against electric shorts. The TIP120 can handle 60V and 5A but I assure you the Arduino won't."

Exploring simple sensors to start working on

Tilt Sensors

Basic Coding

Reference for the codes I m learning from

Day 83 April 1

ImagebyVikramforEPES 2 5.jpg



ImagebyVikramforEPES 2 7.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 2 4.jpg

Ultrasonic sensors with Arduino with Mark


NewPing Library files can be found here Reference : Ultrasonic

ImagebyVikramforEPES 2 9.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 2 10.PNG

TIP120 NPN transistor to power up motor with external power source



To create a email

To create a youtube uploading

ImagebyVikramforEPES 2 1.jpg Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.28.02 pm.png

PIR sensor

Reference link for PIR instructables

"PIR sensors allow you to sense motion, almost always used to detect whether a human has moved in or out of the sensors range. They are small, inexpensive, low-power, easy to use and don't wear out. For that reason they are commonly found in appliances and gadgets used in homes or businesses. They are often referred to as PIR, "Passive Infrared", "Pyroelectric", or "IR motion" sensors."

Ultrasonic Attiny85 - I need to refer this this link to understand the coding for Attiny85. Cause coding is quite deeper for Arduino as compared to Attiny85 to understand.

made motor wit TIP120 transistor that runs on blink sketch

discussion with Suren, team work.

made ultrasonic sensors that can power up motor (using ext power source through TIP120) when the distance is 30cm.

Day 84 April 2

made ultrasonic sensors that can power up 2 motors (using ext power source through TIP120) when the distance is (ex-30cm and 50cm)

learning basic coding

planning and ideation

too much thinking on possibilities and if attend can be used? simple is better.

Simplicity in life

Day 85 April 3

Day 89 April 7

Making day

ImagebyVikramforEPES 3 4.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 3 5.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 3 1.jpg


Attiny85 and ultrasonic

Day 90 April 8

ImagebyVikramforEPES 3 2.jpg FullSizeRender 2.jpg FullSizeRender 3.jpg

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

ImagebyVikramforEPES 3 3.jpg


Educational context

transparent kit

Mythological connection

Make an Arduino from scratch

Building an Arduino on a Breadboard


Turn ur Arduino into ISP

Day 91 April 9

learning boot loader

learning to make atmega arduino

making list to buy

shopping to SP road

Day 92 April 10

Servo Motors in Arduino.


Meeting with GN

Got complete lost after lunch.

Ideation in head

Evening time - Bootloader - sucess

Day 93 April 11 - Saturday

ImagebyVikramforEPES 8 1.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 8 3.jpg

Making of standalone arduino - failed - light failed to blink

ImagebyVikramforEPES 8 5.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES 8 4.jpg

Bootleader in Breadboard

Made a Bootloader in PCB

Made 3 external powered vibration bots which has connection female port.

Made an Attiny on PCB with female ports.

Worked with Atmega328 with 16MH crystal, to blink a LED.

Multiple Vibration Bots that vibrates with varying distance values by Ultrasonic Sensors.

Quick Picture documentation

ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 6.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 7.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 8.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 9.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 10.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 11.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 12.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 13.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 14.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 15.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 16.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 17.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 18.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 19.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 20.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 21.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 22.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 23.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 24.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 25.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 26.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 10 27.jpg

Day 95 April 13 - Monday

ImagebyVikramforEPES 8 7 1.jpg

Standalone Arduino on PCB

Attiny85 Nodes- adding GND female ports to it.

ImagebyVikramforEPES 8 7 3.jpg

Multiple bots with Ultrasonic Sensors, moving based on Sensors, with Standalone Arduino on PCB.

ImagebyVikramforEPES 8 7 2.jpg

Regulator (7V - 14V) to 5V for Standalone Arduino on PCB

Day 96 April 14

Documentation day

Day 97 April 15

ImagebyVikramforEPES 9 2.png

LM35 with arduino

Day 98 April 16 - Time to push myself harder

ImagebyVikramforEPES2 12 1.jpg

4 digit 7 segment Display

reference - 4-digit-7-segment-led-display-arduino-demo

To buy

470 ohm Resistor - 7 4.7k ohm Resistor - 7 2N2222 / 2N3904 NPN transistor - 4

ImagebyVikramforEPES2 12 2.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 12 3.jpg

LM35 Working

reference for codes - ARDUINO-TEMPERATURE-SENSOR-LM35


ImagebyVikramforEPES2 12 4.jpg

Moter with Attiny85

ImagebyVikramforEPES2 14 2.jpg

LM35 with a motor as output.

Day 99 April 17

Arduino Stand alone reference - Electronic Basics #6: Standalone Arduino Circuit - love this tutorial by Great Scott!

How to Multiplex- idea! sign graph with vibration bots on external power 3v.

ImagebyVikramforEPES2 13 1.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 13 2.jpg

ImagebyVikramforEPES2 15 6.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 15 4.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 15 3.jpg

Barometer Sensor BMP180 GY68

Reference - bmp180-barometric-pressure-sensor-hookup

Library - BMP180_Breakout

ImagebyVikramforEPES2 15 8.jpg ImagebyVikramforEPES2 15 7.jpg

Tilt Sensor

gnd to gnd

vcc to 5v

A0 to DP2

Reference - using-a-tilt-sensor

Tilt sensor with Vibration Motors

ImagebyVikramforEPES2 14 1.jpg

Arduino design and understanding.