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Was and Wann

Datum: 23 - 28 August 2016

In Schaffhausen

RandenLab Geeking

See also on RandeLab Website and fbook

Geeking stahl.JPGDusjagr audio geeking schwedenschanze.jpg

Geeking in with Stahl und Cindy

20160824 124142.jpgSnailHacking begins.jpg

Surprise Visitors from Italiaaa

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Visit to the local preparator and taxidemy world champion 2008

IMG 20160825 145621 HDR.jpgTAxidermia mice.jpg

See Marcel Nyffenegger's website: http://www.nachbildungen.ch/160_d_nachbildungen.htm

Taxidermia poop.jpgTaxidermia fake humans.jpg

Visit from Andrew and Kitty

On The Expedition

Geeking with LoRa WAN, The Things Network

LoRa WAN map RandeLab.pngSelection 999(018).png

Check the mapped Expedition

Red = 5km Range, Green = furthest measurement today, 1122 m

The raw data as text file on tamberg

See more about The Things Network

Randy 2000 - Schnägge Hägge

  • Day 1: Weather still terrible for Snail-Hunting (that means it's beautifully sunny and hot)
  • Day 2: We found a snail! he looks oooollllddd though!
  • Day 3: Feeding the snail... but what to do with it?
  • Day 4: Hmmm, we have that SeeedStudio Xadow flex-microcontroller units, let's put it ON! But will it hurt?


Mark Semadeni, also known as DJ Viertakt

Mark aquarium.jpg

Bio-Lab geek and VJ/DJ

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr

Dusjagr rande.jpg

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr is a nomadic researcher and workshopologist. He is part of the Center for Alternative Coconut Research and co-founder of SGMK and the Hackteria network. Before travelling the world for making DIY / DIWO laboratories for creative biological experimentation with living media, Marc entered the world of DIY electronics, designing printed circuit boards for synthesizers and organizing workshops and festivals mostly in Zürich. He also loves coconuts.

Cindy Lin, sometimes known as snail 妹妹

1460259 10205663565041797 2154044130831813979 n.jpg

Cindy Lin is a bioenthusiast and an Information Science PhD student at the University of Michigan, School of Information. Her current ethnographic research involves examining genealogies of design, infrastructural work and grassroots-oriented scientific and technological practices in Indonesia and Detroit. Part of several DIY hacker collectives such as DoIIIT[1] and DIYbio SG [2], Lin entangles both theory and praxis in her research methodology, hoping to stretch the parameters of what constitutes scholarly production. She's completely devoted to all things snail and has recently (in an amateur fashion) attended to the dynamics of sound.

Christoph Stähli aka Stahl

Stahl noisetracks.JPG

Residence DJ and most famous Techno DJ on Randen!


Andrew Quitmeyer et al ~ Digital Naturalism

Andrew Quitmayer's BackBack MobileHackerSpace




Kitty Quitmeyer

Frank "the Rank" Lüling, absent due to Art

Frank Bauschuumliechter.jpg

Künstler/Designer, Handwerker und Gartenbauer

Recent Work: https://vimeo.com/146246758