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Neuland Köln

In 2017 I joinded the permaculture working group at the NEULAND community garden in Cologne, Germany. It is supposedly the biggest community garden in Germany (?).

IMG 6619.jpg

About Neuland:
Abstract: A green garden on red clay: creating a new urban common as a form of political gardening in Cologne, Germany by Alexander Follmann


Recommended movie about current permaculture projects in the US:
Inhabit – A Permaculture Perspective by COSTA BOUTSIKARIS, 2015
Full movie to buy here:

Other perspectives on permaculture:
Permaculture and the Edible Forest Garden: a Critical Analysis

Links regarding economics, ecological systems, soil

Claire Pentecost, project "soil-erg" @ dOCUMENTA(13)
"... a new system of value based on living soil. To formalize this I have created a series “sculptural” objects from handmade soil, or compost. These represent units of a new currency, the soil-erg (provisional name), proposed as a replacement of the petro-dollar."

Stephanie Rothenberg, Proof of Soil, 2019
"How much energy is needed to power a future world economy running on the blockchain? And could this network run without human intervention?"