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juhhuuuuu. See Wurstpress artikel.

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Other people discussing their results on the DIYbio maillist

Modified Castle-Protocoll

  • storage of kit for 2 months at room temperature in ETH Makespace
  • Incubate all steps at pretty random temperatures
  • Have intense discussion about laws & regulations
  • Heat-shock in frozen forest with lasers, glow-in-the-dark watertank (something between 45° - 58°C) and aluminum hats
  • Kill everything with HCl
  • Forget where we put all those GMOs
  • think very very deeply about the role of kits in general

Make you own CRISPR-Kit

see other wiki page on Make you own CRISPR-Kit




Art, science & business - See the business aspect as product placement



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Tröpfle (Open Drop)



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First ideas:

  • Simple experiments on the cards with substances for the experiments printed on the card. (Ph indicators etc.)
  • Describe old and fundamental experiments like “how to make fire”
  • Describe most recent research on the cards such as CRISPR, Gene-Drive- Phage Therapy etc).
  • Use quotes of (citizen) scientists (“free science for free people, P. Feyerabend) or winged words from the community (“never start a lab alone”)..
  • Cards describing people active in Citizen Science as “Role Models”
  • Invitations to related events and spaces and websites
  • Give access to “Social Capital” - contact numbers for people in science. How to make first steps to get in contact with people in specific science topics
  • Categorize different types of the cards with a system (cut out corners etc.)
  • Etc…

It was discussed that the cards could be produced distributed. So that different people create and also produce the cards.

Some people in the community would be interested in taking further this project and organize workshops to create and produce cards. A budget for the workshops, design and production should be developed together.

Gäggele Drucke

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Instagrämle of our castlegeeks

Summary of final round-up discussion

hmmm... i forgot! something about time.

Feedback from participants and Schloss staff

From Stefan:

Stefan's reflections on Solitude Laboratory

From Lotte:

Dear Yashas, dear Marc,

I wanted to write again to say how much we enjoyed your gathering and that it was a pleasure to have you in the house. We made a little documentation on instagram: And let's stay in touch to produce something for our online portal

Best regards, Lotte

Remote Contributions

Opening Discussion with Erich Berger (Finnish Society of Bioart) on Hybrid Matters, North Lapland Residencies and anyway what this is all about...

Erich skype solitude.jpg

Spontanous breakfast skype-in from Josiah Zayner (the-odin) on the role of DIY kits for everyone to play and learn using modern tools of biotech. everywhere, anyway and fuck the system.

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Skype with Greg and the Faubels on Open Hardware and it's empowering potential for citizen science and challenges of hacker-university open collaborations.

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