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  • Body Augmentation - a deliberate modification of the body to change or improve its properties/performance.
  • Biomimicry - imitating a shape or phenomenon found in nature.
  • Body Hacks - playful modifications of the human body using easily accessible materials.
  • Enhanced Sensory Perception - the ability to sense things better than we usually do or beyond the five senses (touch, sight, sound, smell, taste)
  • Photosynthesis - the biological process of turning light into energy rich organic compounds, found in algae, plants and some microorganisms.
  • LED - Light Emitting Diode, an electrical component that turns an electric current into light.
  • Permanent Magnet - a material that produces a magnetic field, a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials, such as iron.
  • Sodium Alginate - a ionic polysaccharide from brown algae that turns into a gel when you mix it with bivalent calcium ions.

Just a rough start and copy from somewhere.... glossary always cool!!

Let's make a zine

Putting together a non-complete list of workshops and sessions around the topic.

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Make your own CRISPR-Baby - Swissnex, San Francisco, USA - 2019

Make you own CRISPR-Baby

Biolistic diorama.png

Transgenic ballistics and birth of a baby melon

Syringes slime biohackers edit02.jpg

Authors: Marc Dusseiller, Megan Daalder & Adam Zaretky

CRISPR Kit Reflections - Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany - 2016

CRISPR Kit Reflections at The Laboratory Solitude - Dec 2016



Authors: Urs Gaudenz, Rüdiger Trojok, Mary Maggic & Marc Dusseiller

BioCyber Kidzz - Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria - 2011

BioCyberKidzz LabSetup Linz.JPG

Hackteria & SGMK BioCyberKidzz in Linz and BioCyberKidzz in Maribor

Hacking the human body has become commonplace and many people have body modifications such as tattoos, piercings or even advanced medical prosthetics. Simple and playful body hacks that allow enhancing our human performance can be made with just few and cheap materials, such as cardboard, magnets and LEDs. In this playful laboratory setting we will investigate with the children: hearing with a Bio-Acoustics Ear and hacking their touch perception by the Magnetic Finger or a Disco-on-a-Fingertip and finally explore a Photosynthetic Skin.

Authors: Monika Pocrnjić, Maya SMrekar, Marc Dusseiller & Špela Petrič


Booklet / Review


Хацктериа Mосква, BodyMods - Garage Museum for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia - 2018

BodyMorph dusjagr Moscow.jpgBodyModded urs Moscow.jpg

More on https://www.hackteria.org/workshops/hackteria-moscow/

By setting up a temporary biolab and building generic lab equipment from recycled consumer technology the hackteria people use their science fantasy to create a unique environment for experimentation and reflection. And do so evaluating one’s ethical values with every new discovery.

Authors: Marc Dusseiller, Urs Gaudenz, Spela Petric & Megan Daalder


Inspired by Megan Daalder's Workshop, UCLA


  • stockings
  • balloons
  • masking tape
  • straws
  • aluminum foil
  • pipe cleaners

チーズ作りからCRISPRの aka Chrisper-Chäsli - BioClub, Tokyo, Japan - 2017


Cheese biocluburu 02.jpg

Authors: Marc Dusseiller & Maya Minder

We are hosting you for an evening of discussions and hands-on experiments bridging topics of traditional fermentation (cheese making) and modern biotech tools of gene-editing (eg. the CRISPR-Cas9 system). Chrisper-Chäsli is an attempt to demystify the current hype around gene-editing technologies and speculate about how we can integrate them into public use, play, food and games for a better world.

Cheese CRISPR booklet pages.jpgCheese CRISPR booklet pages2.jpg

Download the booklet in Japanese: File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet_jap.pdf or English: File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet.pdf

BrainHacks and Playing with Perception - Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia - 2012


SensoryPerception Moscow.jpg

Authors: Marc Dusseiller, Yair Reshef, Zohar, Spela Petric & Antony Hall

Indigo Grätzel Cell (DSSC) - HFF, Zürich/Nantou - 2020


(Center for Trans-Organ Health - GOSH 2018, Shenzhen, China - 2018)

TransOrgen Shenzhen.jpg

Authors: Paula Pin & Urs Gaudenz

More about Trans Organs on a Chip on this wiki. Center for Trans-Organ Health was a workshop held during GOSH2018, Gathering for Open Science Hardware, in OpenFIESTA, Shenzhen.

(A project from Yogya? HLab14? Dildomancy, Yogyakarta, Indonesia - 2014)

HLab14-Workshopology, HLab14-Workshopology#11.30_-_23h_.7C_FULL-DAY_SEXOLOGY_WORKSHOP and Dildomancy

Workshop dildomancy.png

Authors: Ku Kuang-Yi, Paula Pin, Klau Kinki & Tamara Pertamina

Making procedure3.jpg

Setup at MfK, Bern

Hackteria SUPER setup overview.jpg