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It's French, yes! and it translates to: "I like; I love; I fancy, I cherish, I engage; I care"

Jaringan of Appropriate and Interdisciplinary Maker Education


Jaringan antar Appropiasi dan Interdisiplin Maker Edukasi


coming soon...

Inspiring Reads

Maker Education


Critical Making


Appropriate Technology

General Pedagogy

"We show how trends as different as feminist thought and the ethnography of science join with trends in the computer culture to favor forms of knowledge based on working with concrete materials rather than abstract propositions, and this too predisposes them to prefer learning in a constructionist rather than in an instructionist mode", Papert 1991

Computational Pedagogy a.k.a constructionism a.k.a children playing with machines

Courses / Classes online

Other Articles


Case studies

J'aime Lemonster

J'aime 4093 Nandsynth

J'aime DIY Microscopy

J'aime CocoMake7

J'aime Workshopology