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We need to more clearly define that this society only covers a small part of the global network activities...

International Hackteria Society

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Under the name “International Hackteria Society”, is an association according to article 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) with seat in Zürich. The association aims to guarantee the organizational and financial processes of the project “Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art”. It wants to further development and access to practical knowledge in artistic engagement with the lifesciences. It wants to create platforms for public discussions and invite international artists and scientists for critical and theoretical discourse. The association works as a non- profit organization to reach its aims.

Commercial register ID for International Hackteria Society: CH-

Unique enterprise identification number (UID) for International Hackteria Society: CHE-192.885.318


download File:WhatIsHackteria.pdf

General Documents

IHS - Founding Constitution

IHS - Board and Members

Download Founding Meeting notes: File:protokoll_grundungsversammlung_hackteria_v01.pdf

Download Meeting Notes April 2011: File:protokoll_reg_versammlung_hackteria_april2011.pdf

Registration Chamber of Commerce Zurich: File:handelsregister_eintrag_hackteria_soc.pdf

General Assembly 2012 (16. April 2012)

Download Meeting Notes: File:20120416 Hackteria Society General Assembly Notes.pdf

General Assembly 2013 (18. Jan 2014)

Some notes and loads of links to other stuff: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hFcpuRmstDzcubtG8uZHy-3XqiSfCW5cPkV3ghHSjJM/edit#

Download Meeting Notes: File:20140118 Hackteria General Assembly Meeting.pdf

IHS - Annual Report 2013

General Assembly 2014 (distributed)

Tentative Date: distributed... Nov 2015

See discussions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yfDFV27edEKWxu2bcmovoVJW1asTU1Zlk7zCZY_mvHU/edit

IHS - Annual Report 2014

General Assembly 2015/16 (August 2016)

To be held distributed and collectively during August 2016, partially at Schloss Solitude. GV-Solitude 2016

IHS - Annual Report 2015

Protocol of GV-Solitude 2016

Hackteria Redeployment Plan

General Assembly 2016/17 (December 2017)

GV-2017 was kinda happening during the futures meeting @ anorg

IHS - Annual Report 2016

IHS - Annual Report 2017

Protocol of GV 2017

General Assembly 2018 (Winter 2019)

IHS - Annual Report 2018

Protocol of GV 2018

General Assembly 2019 (Summer 2020)

IHS - Annual Report 2019

Protocol of GV 2019

To be discussed:

General Assembly 2020 (Autumn 2021)

IHS - Annual Report 2020

Protocol of GV 2020

To be discussed:

General Assembly 2021/22 (December 2022)

IHS - Annual Report 2021

IHS - Annual Report 2022

Protocol of GV 2021/22

To be discussed:

  • Iiistampfe de Lotteriverein!

Memories of the Gatherings

Founding: http://hackteria.org/projects/news/we-went-legal/

GV 2012 aka Hagen Lectures: http://hackteria.org/discourse/hackterias-hagen-lectures-2012/

GV 2013/14 aka Swiss Apero: http://hackteria.org/projects/news/hackteria-swiss-apero/

Distributed Meetings 2015: http://hackteria.org/projects/news/brewing-up/ and Hagen Lectures Harz5

Solitude Gathering 2016: http://hackteria.org/discourse/solitude/

Futures Meeting at ANORG 2018 https://www.hackteria.org/workshops/hackteria-futures-meeting-anorg-zurich-19-20-jan-2018/