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Get involved and join our dicsussion on the forum to setup a programme together for the rC3!

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Main rC3 form 27 - 30 December!

Virtual Island

Server: (the link will change for rC3, and only be available if you have a ticket)


old: https://test.visit.at.wa-test.rc3.cccv.de/_/global/digitalegesellschaft.github.io/workadventure-map-bitwaescherei/hackteria/island.json

Hackteria island.jpg

There is now a jitsiRoom on the first island. you can join directly via your smart phone with this link: https://jitsi.dev.rc3.world/HackteriaIsland-3ae96

Dedicated BigBlueButton for Hackteria Global Network hang-outs



BioInformaticsHack - RandoGeneCode Workshop at rC3, 27-30 Dez 2020

AdamZ screenshot.jpg

Adam Zaretsky is a WetLab art practitioner mixing ecology, biotechnology, non-human relations, body performance and gastronomy. His art practice focuses on an array of legal, ethical, social and libidinal implications of biotechnological materials and methods with a focus on transgenic humans. Zaretsky is a former researcher at the MIT department of biology and he also runs a public life arts school: VASTAL (The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics Ltd.)

Output workshopDrawings.jpg

GlobalLAMP hang-out

We brought together a bunch of great people developing hardware / wetware for LAMP. From some msg and telegram groups we aim to come together and have a round table during the rC3. More info fill follow soon!

Join our telegram group here: https://t.me/joinchat/E-wU_rlLzu8Pr5bM

An overview about global collaborations and LAMP was published by Makery earlier in 2020.

Who participated

  • Fernan
  • Urs
  • Adeline
  • Rachel
  • Yanwu Guo
  • Akbar Nur Arufattulah
  • Rüdiger
  • Alessandro
  • Sun
  • Marc
  • Moderator: Elsa Ferreira
  • some visiting participants: Mario Behling, ...

Screenshot GlobalLAMP hangout.jpg

BadLab - Nature Fights Back

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-04 um 01.47.07.png

Sound performance with Corinna Mattner, Maya Minder and DJane Prinzessin in Not
We metabolize, we digest, we compose and decompose. Together with DIY approach we will destille and introduce into the art of destillilling and create odore and sounds of nature. We create steam, extract essences, smell the scent and float it into space. Nature has all properties of self healing and remedy. We use spells and magic for coevolution within cyberspace. Nature fights back is a sound composition by Princessin in Not in collaboration with BadLab Project.

BadLab is a collective laboratory of interdisciplinary ideas and practices around plants. It consists of installations, libraries, screenings, workshops, food, textile, objects, sound and movement. We collectively investigate plant knowledge and ancient practices. Learning by Doing Together, we dig into the diversity that nature offers with un/toxic plants and microbes, attempting to rewrite strings of (Hi)stories, looking at human’s capability of understanding and perceiving the world.


HFF2020 - On Artist Practice during Pandemics 2020

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-27 um 01.46.29.png

Open Talk Show - Conversation on self-employed artists and practice in art cultural institutions, art foundings, museums, theaters and local off-scene. How do artists participate and practice inside the art spheres during the Pandemics? How do they behave as self-employed workers? What different possibilities do artists, musicians and cultural people have in times of international trade and freedom of movement. During the year 2020 cultural institutions had to adapt to multiple regulatory systems from govermental response. Online solutions were one possibility of fast adjustment as corona response. How do artists discuss the situation of New Normale.

Hff panel rc3.jpg

with: Ewen Chardronnet, Shih Wei-Chieh, Pepa Ivanova, Adriana Knouf, Maya Minder, Miranda Moss, Spela Petric, Miha Tursic

HUMUS sapiens remote retreat

HUMUS SapiensRetreat WAscreenshot.jpg

A great chance to reflect on our HUMUS sapiens activities and think about how to continue in 2021. As a little reminder - here is the link to last year^s 36C3chaotic congress contribution by Maya, Malte and Julian.

Fixed sessions and discussion groups:
27.12. - 5-6 PM First meeting and session planning
28.12. - 8-10 PM Forest Garden Geeks Gathering

Let's meet in the garden of the worldmap! Direct jitsi link: https://jitsi.rc3.world/HUMUS-sapiens-4b5dc
If someone wants to join and has no ticket, we will move to this BBB-room: https://www.digitale-gesellschaft.ch/pub/hackteria

Contact: julian[at]mikrobiomik.org

Sauna readings with agryfp

Sauna reading flyer.jpg


Every hacklab needs a sauna. Problem is when the event is virtual, so is the steam. But it offers new opportunities to connect with other sauna-heads abroad. Such as Helsinki, Finland! There is a long history of sauna and remote networking going back to the 1990s. We invited Global Hackteria Network artist-organiser Andrew Gryf Paterson to join us from their backyard sauna, with live & recorded readings of Hacklab & Kitchenlab themed quotes prepared in advance. Heat up the stones, gather some water (virtual or otherwise), and get your sauna head covered, Welcome!

Sauna reading.jpg

Andrew Gryf Paterson is an 'artist-organiser', cultural producer, educator and independent researcher. He specialises exploring connections between art, digital culture, science, cultural activism related to the commons, DIY-Do-It-With-Others, ecological and sustainability movements, along with cultural heritage and collaborative networks. In June 2021 he will co-direct Pixelache Helsinki 2021 Festival that will take place in Central Library Oodi.

Our friends from IOTA also passed by and streamed us...

Screenshot from 2021-01-07 19-59-55.png

Kilju making post Sauna Activity

Kilju making rc3.jpg

Tour and stream with IOTA

IOTA Institute Bio Art Hangout Livestream! Snapshot of entrance 😃 join us In the Remote Chaos Experience with Marc Dusseiller @dusjagr and Hackteria.

IOTA on Tour GaudiLabs.jpg

Hackteria recently launched their new OpenScience Lab in the shared hackerspace collective of Bitwäscherei, in the heart of Zürich. What better way to inaugurate the space than to recreate it in a 2D retro-game style world?

Together we’ll visit the gamified recreation of their real-life hackerspace "Bitwäscherei" in Zurich, Switzerland, as they gather online with a global network of hackers for rC3 - Remote Chaos Experience. Tickets for Remote Chaos Experience are sold out, so join us by livestream as we witness the chaos firsthand. This livestream is presented with or friends at @incubatorlab

When do I tune in? We will broadcast for 8 hours: 7:00am - 3pm (Vancouver, PST) 10:00am - 6pm (Windsor, EST) 11:00am - 7pm (Halifax, ADT) 4pm - midnight (Zurich, CET)

How do I tune in?


Go to IOTA Institute’s youtube channel