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Arrived in GaudiLabs.jpg

Prismatic Sweet Lakeside

Beach sweets.jpgBeach sweets setup.jpg

Preparing for the electrodibles workshop and doing some experiments with sugar candies casted on iridescent strucutures.

Graphene for Idiots

Electrochemical exfoliation.jpg


Search graphene.jpgGrapheneFlake.jpg

Easy homemade graphene references and other links

Easy Graphene Made in Bulk - Electrochemical Exfoliation

How to cook graphene using only soybean oil

Conductive Thin Films of Pristine Graphene by Solvent Interface Trapping

High Frequency Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Transistor

Seeing graphene-based sheets

Interfacing graphene.jpg




More about Photosensors:

Found some Cadmium Sulfide in the local art & paint shop