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Curious, passionate, staying power, and thrilled by contemplation, philosophical and poetic approaches

In case you are wondering what I mean by contemplation, check out Taniguchi Jiro's "Walking Man.” Seeing, feeling, experiencing, and thinking — how could we not notice that current change processes are having a profound effect on our lives. And in such times, as is ours, notions and practices get questioned, altered and transformed. ART is no exception. I have tried to grasp the bigger picture of these changes, to question the limited reach of some understandings of art, and to discuss the phenomena of artists working reality.

After two years of study programme development, extensive work, many discussions with experts on art in social transformation, I am delighted that the Master of Advanced Studies in Art & Society has now launched. DIWO Culture by Marc Dusseiller is the first module, followed by Art as Agent, Language Clinic, Art Activism, and many more.

The idea for a practice based and practice led, context sensitive, and transregional programme grew out of our FOA-FLUX research.

When it comes to OST I am still a beginner. I recently set up two Wiki pages. Experimenting how it can be used for teaching and for organising a study programme. I have set up a joomla page and spent hours and hours to set up a Kuena forum. There might be still some bugs, but it should be functioning now. Next will be to put it into use. I have been playing with different formats putting research info into animations. We recorded fake lectures providing real facts on HUMAN COLOURS.