DIY Microfluidics

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Stuff from wetPONG, DIY Microfluidics Class, FHNW, 2008-2012

ScreenSiech 138.jpg

wetPONG Hybrid NanoLab 2012

ScreenSiech 139.jpg

See instructions on the wetPONG website HomeMade Microfluidics on wetPONG

more coming soon... or check some of our tools on this fbook post.

Nail Studio Micro Fluidics

Nail studios are the place where girls who now what is hot hang out. These studios are modern labs with crazy hight tech devices and sophisticated materials. Look what they have: NailManicureStation.png

Other projects

Low-Tech Microfluidics

A Biotic Game Design Project for Integrated Life Science and Engineering Education

Enabling Microfluidics: from Clean Rooms to Makerspaces download paper here: File:Kong2017_Enabling_Microfluidics_in_Makerspaces.pdf

Advanced DIY Microfluidics

Just a Hack! How did he do that... awesome!

Micro Fluidic Hack

Preparing the slide

UF InkScapeDrawing.png

Draw a nice pattern with InkScape

UF DIYLaserCutting.jpg

Putting (black) tape on a glas slide. Cut it with a sharp knife or with a DIY laser cutter 8-)
DIY laser cutter:[1]

UF LaserCutTape.jpg

The slide with the cut tape

UF Peal.jpg

Peel of the tape carefully

UF Slides.jpg

Some sample slides

PDMS Casting

UF CastingBoxes.jpg

Putting the slides in casting boxes

UF PDMSCasting.jpg

Cast with PDMS and cure at 60°C for about 1 hour.

UF Uncasting.jpg

Remove the cast

UF Punching.jpg

Plasma activate a clean glas slide and the PDMS piece (where to get the plasma from?)
Put the PDMS piece back into a clean box and cover with a tube holder plate. Punch the holes.

UF WebCamStage.jpg

Attatch tubes and capture the microflow with a webcam stage.

UF FabLabParts.jpg

Parts lasercut from acrylic in the FabLab Lucern.

File with drawings of the cast forms and webcam stage: File:UFlow Casts.pdf