The Odin Biohack 101 Class @ gasigaso kitchen

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Biohacking 101 rebootet 2020

The Odin Biohack 101 Class @ gasigaso kitchen

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Welcome to the Odin Biohacking 101 Class in gene-editing discussion and hands-on session from 9.1.-24.4.2019 Swiss Edition. This is an online class accessible around the globe. You need to provide certain equipment and tools for a start.

Four months of remote cooking, learning, sewing for future gatherings. Various locations in and around Zurich and other spaces across Switzerland.

The class will be remote. You can do it from anywhere. If you order threw ODIN, Josia will send you one box of reagents and supplies a month for four months along with instructions and readings. To help you learn the basics of genetic engineering.

Bimonthly live classes and group chats where The ODIN teach you about DNA, RNA, Proteins and how to engineer organisms, including humans!

This class will take a few hours a week to perform experiments that can be done at your own pace .

A link to the syllabus can be found [here]

A link to Molecular Biology of the Cell can be found [here]

Biohacker 101

Link to online class

Link to recorded classes:


Josiah Zayner ( Esther Kim ( Guest Speakers


see list [here]


First class, Wednesday 9th of January 4PM PT, 1am in Switzerland.


1.Session @ Gasi Gaso kitchen (Gasometerstrasse 32, 8005 Zürich)

9. january ONLINE CLASS with Josiah

30. january Resumé 1.Session

2.Session @ ?!

6. february ONLINE CLASS with Josiah

27. february Resumé 2.Session

3.Session @ ?!

6. march ONLINE CLASS with Josiah

27. march Resumé of 3.Session

4.Session @ Gaudilabs, Luzern (Neustadtstrasse 7, 6003 Luzern)

3. april ONLINE CLASS with Josiah

24. april Resumé of 4.Session

Assignements and Reading Schedule:

Biohacker1010 Assignements schedule.png


All participants for the Swiss Edition welcome. contact us: biohackretreat@gmail.comp participation is for free

Course Description

This course will go from cells to DNA to protein. It will give students a basic understanding of how to genetically edit cells and what that means. The course also provides an extensive hands-on component so that students by the end should be able to genetically modify cells on their own and understand physically what that constitutes.

Course Goals

Students who complete this course successfully will be able to: Use laboratory equipment like scales and pipettes Understand sterile technique and antibiotic usage Culture bacteria and yeast Genetically modify bacteria and yeast Use CRISPR and design their own CRISPR experiments

Required Texts, Materials, or Equipment

Molecular Biology of the Cell Book Snapgene Viewer VMD All physical materials are included in price of class Weekly Work/Homework Each week there will be assigned readings and experiments to perform. They should take no more than a few hours investment each week. Major Assignments: Descriptions At the end of each month we will ask you to write a one page summary of an experiment that you wish to perform to understand a topic you are interested covered during that month. Course-Specific Support or Supplementary Instruction The internet has a wealth of information on the topics presented in class. If you don’t understand something search it out. If you still don’t understand it then ask. When trying to access papers behind paywalls use for free access to most any paper

Preliminary Schedule of Topics, Readings, and Assignment


Active participation is requested, with bimonthly gatherings and text writing.


We can accept no liability for the information provided and cannot vouch for its accuracy.

This project has its aim of writing new science fiction for further legacy.


if you like to add more scientific articles, reviews, or other Informations, pls feel free to do it in the forum:


Class starts today at 4PM PT California time

The live class will be at

Videos will be upload to the channel afterwards and will be located at

You can find the syllabus for the class at:

You can find documents and materials for the class at:

Please read this document for what to do for the first month READ ME FIRST - Month 1

The first month of the class we are going to learn some basic lab techniques that are needed before moving on to genetic engineering. Majorly, we are going to learn about cells. Each month there will be protocols for you to follow to learn new lab...

Please join the Facebook group at

Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

The ODIN, Founder & CEO