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laser batik

DSSC textile with PDMS

Indigo Grätzel Cell (DSSC)

Saturday 4th of October, part of HFF2020 Workshop Hackteria and Tribe Against the Machine <>


Maya Minder Marc Dusseiller Corina Mattner Sandra Bühler Shih Wei Chieh


9am - 10am (Taiwanese Time) Introduction Presentation from Zurich Lecture Performance on Indigo: A Chapter into Blue History of Colonialism
3pm - 4pm (Taiwanese Time) DSSC Solar Cell Workshop Introduction to the DIY Approch to produce Dye Sensitive Solar Cells from Zurich
8pm - 9pm (Taiwanese Time) Final Presentation Final Groupe Discussion by all participiants
Taiwan side workshop 10am - 12am indigo dye fermentation introduction
1pm - 2pm DIY DSSC making with indigo dyes and berry juice 2pm - 3pm check the converting rate and make it sound.


Conductive Glass (2 per cell) the smaller the better it works (1cm-2,5cm)
Iodide solution
aligator clips
adhesie tape
2 clips binder
Alcohol and Destilled water to clean
Destined water
small plastic cups for working

Titanium Dioxid (power, 1g)
Acrylic emulsion (little to mix into the Titanium Dioxid)
—> create a thick paste

Indigo color:
60 ml Wasser
3ml sodium hydroxide solution 30%
3g NAtriumdithionit (Na2S2O4)
Indigo Powder
—> mixe all in 40 degree, let sit for 30min

Manual How to

You need two conductive glasses, take one and put conductive tape on the in square shape to create an empty square, make sure to use the conductive side of the glass. spill the thik paste on the glass and spread it onto the the surface in a thin layer, let it dry for 2 min. Put the glass (takeoff the tape first) on a cooker to heat up on 60 degrees during 10-20min for hardening the Titanium Dioxid paste. take off and let it cool down.

Dive the plate with the titanium dioxide into the indigo color and let sit for 30sec-1min. Take it out and clean it off with droplets of destilled water, repeat with isopropanol (this helps to let it dry out faster)

Take the other conductive glass and draw a thin layer of pencil strokes on it, push hard. Or then use a candle and create a thin layer of carbon black on top of the conductive surface.

Put the two glasses in sandwich layer on top of each other. Let free some glass on both sides and fix it with two clip binder. Put dropplets of Iodine solution on the edge of each side, so the liquid can fluid in between the two glasses. Attach on each side (only one layer of glass) the aligatorclips with the multimeter. Now you can messure the electricity with your digital multimeter (put on step 200mV).

Firstly you will see how a high number around 260mV will occur and it will drop down. Then wait for about 5 min and try out with the sunlight/torch how the voltage is changing according to the light exposure.

Try out your own protocols by using charcoal powder and acrylic emulsion, using different heat temperatures, take alternative materials, irgendients and time schedules. Drink beer while doing --> "blau machen" means take time off, take a break.