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DYld0mancY 2.png Following this idea about DIWO we are thinking to facilitate a workshop about Dildomancy right now you can check it our wiki to see what it this means and tomorrow we will talk all together when and where the workshop could be ...

sex, body and horizontal transfer information ... like bacterias ! !

because is important to grow up together into the more possible levels of hacking we need to have our body and body pleasure in some point at the top of our hacking interest ! ! !

so this can be figure out in our fluidity desires for fluidity meeting here in Jogya

focusing on the microorganisms to get macropleasure

fluid noise and all kind of interferences !

Drop Of Water: Hans Christian Andersen's short story

we were with this idea of building dildos with microorganism forms, so we decided to start to put here some ideas and references. we want to show you also some prototypes that we realised the last year on our lab, check the first image on this map to check it pechblenda.hotglue.me/mapa_pech also you can find our microorganic fascination for the forms, habits and funtions bad or good ones here biosensing.tumblr.com/post/22474169741/... biosensing.tumblr.com/post/21120550603/...

river water organism ( photos )

We will start with some references about DIY like Effi Tarner work about effi.me/index.php?/workshops/diy4diy

we want to go a littlebit further and trying to explore the idea about wireless remote control with some sensor technology and instead of vibration we would love to reach microorganism movements!!

The first week in YG we sadlyyy knew that there are no sex shops here to buy some and we think that it will be interesting to build a serie of them to explore how is to having pleasure through wireless technology. we want to explore together this issues so you are welcome to colaborate to build together some nice queer natures for our pleasure.

here some cheaper version from lelo remote control (hacking my vagine)


COOOOOllll one app for android that allow to control throught smart phones


some other earlier references: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teledildonics bad-dragon.com bsatelier.com/nuestro-taller

Dildo/sex toys materials:


  • Some History from www.doublexscience.org/sex-toy-science


(n.) origins uncertain: 1590s, perhaps a corruption of Italian deletto ‘delight,’ or from Latin dilectio, ‘to esteem highly, to love’ or Latin dilatare, “to open wide” or (less likely) of English diddle. –online etymology dictionary

You don’t really need advanced technology to make a dildo. All you need is a long slender piece of…anything. In fact, the oldest known piece of something that we believe is a dildo is estimated to be about 28,000 years old. At 28,000 years ago, woolly rhinos were running around with early modern humans, and as far as we can tell no one had figured out how to weave fibers. But they (we think) had dildos. You can see an image of a slightly younger dildo, dating back to 4000 to 6000 BCE, here (really NSFW). continue here www.doublexscience.org/sex-toy-science

interesting webs about sex toys and other weird science experiments:

www.slashdong.org www.blackcatbox.com

  • 3d microorganism allready maded :


nice one : www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F...