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5) Connector pipes
5) Connector pipes

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To make a sterilisation hood you will need the following materials:

1) Acrylic sheets (6 pcs)

          2 of dimension 57X61 (cms)
          2 of dimension 57X80 (cms)
          1 of dimension 61X80 (cms)
          1 of dimension 65X80 (cms)

2) Uv light(15 watts)

3) Car air filter

4) Exhaust fan

5) Connector pipes

6) Wooden blocks

7) L angles

8) Nuts and bolts

9) Uv filter (Car cooling film)

10) M-seal


1. Firstly we got the acrylic sheets and got them cut into 6 pieces , two of which were of dimension 57X61 cm which would form the sides of the box. Two of dimensions 57X80 cm which would form the top and bottom of the box. One of dimension 61x80 cm for the back of the box and the one of dimension 65x80 cm for the front side of the box.

2. Then we took the sheet with dimension 61x80 cm which is the back side of the box and drilled three holes in it. One for the air filter(top right) , the second one for the pvc pipe(bottom left) and the third one(bottom right) for the wire of the Uv light to pass.

3. While doing this we made sure that the filter, the pipe and the wire exactly fit into the holes and there was no extra space. We sealed the gaps using m-seal.

4.After this we stuck the sides (57x61 cm) of the box to the base (57x80 cm) using araldite.

5.The process of sticking the sides to the base took quite some time. Meanwhile we made a box with sunboard around the exhaust fan.

6.After this we connected the air filter to the top right hole via fan into the bottom inlet hole using pvc pipes.

7.And after the sides got stuck to the base we stuck the back (61x80 cm) with all the connections to the base. 8.Then we stuck the top (57x80 cm).

9.After ensuring that all the sides are stuck to the base properly , we stuck the L angles on the sides of the box and two on the base using nuts and bolts for good support of the front cover.

10.Then we drilled holes and made stoppers with the wooden blocks using nuts and bolts at about 16cms from the base.

11.In the end we put the front cover by making it slide through the L angles.

12.Cover the box with dark Uv filter once it is built. Do not cover the front screen.


1)Make sure that the holes drilled on the back side of the box are of perfect size so that there are less chances of contamination.

2)Seal all the gaps in the box with m-seal.

3)While drilling holes in the acrylic sheet make sure that there is proper support so that the sheet doesn’t bend or break.

4)While sealing the pipes connected to the fan, first seal the pipes together with m-seal and then connect the whole thing.

5)The Uv light is switched off while it is being connected.

6)Do not run Uv light for a long time. Stay away when Uv light is running.

7)Make sure the front shutter is held up securely with the stoppers before conducting the experiment.