Day 4 18/1/13 DIY Fermentation

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Wine making

We used two recipes to make wine.

The first recipe is from the hackeria website - Project 16: DIY Fermentation or the Art of making Wine.

The process :

• Mash 1kg of white grapes, sugar and 6l water

• Heat the mash

• Mash the mass again and let cool down below 40 degrees Celsius

• add 10g yeast mixed in lukewarm water

• Pour the mass and yeast in the fermentor, that's been disinfected before

• Insert in the fermentor and seal the top

• place the end of the tube in a disinfectant to prevent oxygen, bacteria from entering it

• Fermentation process 14-19 days

• Filter wine

The second is recipe for a homemade wine:

• blend 1kg of red grapes, filter the grape juice

• add 1cm ginger, 2 cinnamon barks to the grape juice and boil it

• add honey to taste

• strain out the cinnamon, ginger and let the mixture cool down

• when it's lukewarm, add yeast

• pour the mixture in a bottle and keep it in a dark, cool place

• after a week, check the wine, remove foam from top without mixing it (repeat weekly for a month)