Day 3 17/1/13 Ganzfeld Experiment

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Task: Conduct the Ganzfeld Experiment to test the ESP

Aim: Sub B to guess closest aspect of image in sub A's head.

Materials: Ping pong ball, red(bright) light, headphones to play white noise on

Hypothesis: By covering eyes and listening to white noise,the subject will be able to tell the image telepathically

Process: Cut the ping pong ball into halves and tape them on eyes. Seat the subject in front of red light and play white noise on headphones. The sender is focusing on an image for a period of 30 min during which the subject/receiver is describing what he sees. Everything he says is noted down.

Recordings: something liquid, changing colours, bright keeps moving, black blotches, an eye, clouds, bright purple coming in and out, magenta, many people, dizziness, calm feeling, blank, butterflies, person's face, guy, different people, a guy wearing sunglasses, blank, eagle or owl, an old man with moustache, lot of green and pink, shape of batman, partial moon, worm, wind, bright pink, black parts, machine, sky light, seesaw, lion (from cartoons), negative image, colours dissolving as dropped in water, fluid floating, boat


This is the image i chose to send to my subject. Ice sculptures.jpg