Day 1 DIY Microscope

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Task: create a microscope using a web-camera

Group: Sreemoyee, Gita

Process: Open up the web-camera using screwdrivers. Once the case is open, remove the lens and inverse it. By placing the lens at the sensor in the center of the chip, facing computer screen, view the RGB pixels. That way testing the microscope out. Afterwards, stick the lens permanently without damaging the lens or the censor. Once the lens is stuck, you need a light source to shine on the specimen placed under the lens. Record the images received by the microscope.

We looked at dirt and mud in water, leaf, flower petal and an apple slice. Pixels1.jpg Apple2a.jpg

Difficulties were fixing the right distance, proper lighting. Our images did not appear as clear as wished, which probably was caused by the glue that got on the lense.